Find New Customers

Do you have an innovative technology, product or service, but still struggling to acquire enough of the right customers?

Proxcent can help with analyzing the market ecosystem, customer discovery and other best practices to uncover new opportunities for filling unmet customer needs in the market.

Open New Channels

Is revenue growth starting to flatten out due the lack of sales resources needed to reach the entire addressable market for your products and services?

Proxcent can help you identify and form alliances with strategic partners who can extend your market reach far beyond what you can do alone.



Overcome Startup Challenges

Are you a technology startup that needs help navigating all the new challenges you face every day? Are there critical areas of the business where you need to be successful, but the current team has little experience?

Proxcent can help with business planning and development, customer discovery, fine-tuning the product-market fit, and much more.

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