Mission Specialties

We apply proven scientific methods, principles and the basic laws of nature in solving business problems through our Mission Specialties or services. These methods not only provide a clear framework for analyzing and understanding a business problem, sub-system or fundamental element but also provides best practices for solving a problem or influencing a business outcome. These principles can be applied to all aspects of the business and are the basis of Proxcent's Mission Specialties outlined below.

Strategy Transformation

Business strategies for exploring new markets

Proxcent has the proven expertise and methods to create and transform growth strategies that can penetrate new markets with the greatest ROI and the highest probability of success.

Alliance Formation

Strategic partnerships for accelerated execution

Proxcent can help you form strategic alliances with the right partners to enable accelerated execution of market and channel expansion programs.

Strategic Advisor

Mission critical mentoring for all stages of the startup process

Proxcent can help you understand and focus on the key growth drivers as well as overcoming the many challenges as your startup goes from the Concept stage to the Exit stage.

Vision Development

Corporate visioning that stands the test of time

Proxcent methods can be used for developing a realistic vision that will not only stand the test of time but will also inspire the team to a higher standard.

Business Excellence

Aligning people, processes & business performance

By evolving people and processes, then aligning them with business performance metrics, corporate strategies and vision, Proxcent can evolve your business to a higher level of excellence.

Business Scorecard

Real-time data for taking control of the business

To really understand how well the business system is functioning and better control the destination or outcome, Proxcent can help you develop the instrumentation and reporting needed to make the right business decision in real-time.

Process Acceleration

Business process development & improvement

Effectiveness and efficiency of mission critical processes are essential for high quality and a significant ROI. Proxcent's process development and improvement services are designed to optimize processes at the maturity level needed to reach business goals.